ASF Open Division Offering Cash Prize Purse!

The NC Chapter of the ASF has created an OPEN division which is not a Surfing America division.  This division, though not a part of Surfing America’s U.S. Championships, will still be part of the ASF Championships, but is also now offering an opportunity for a cash purse prize.  For Contest #3 this coming weekend, sign up for the contest as you would normally do.  On the day of the contest, for those who want to particpate in the cash purse the contestants would put in an agreed amount of money ($10, $15, $20 etc.).   Any contestant in the Open division that does not want to be part of the cash purse prize can still participate and surf in the division they will just not have the opportunity to win the cash prize if they do not donate to the purse.  This will be a 50/50 pot.  50% goes to ASF and the other 50% goes to the purse.  The top 2 surfers who are participating in the cash purse will then get the cash and can divide the winnings however they choose.  So, get motivated and get out to the next ASF contest and put your money where your surf is!!