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Contest Postponed for 5/3/14

Sorry surf fans but the contest scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed due to several circumstances.  The swell is dramatically dropping and the USA Prime event is also scheduled for tomorrow.  So we don’t want to interfere, but head out to Jennette’s pier and cheer on the only OB grom to qualify for the Primes…none other than Quentin Turko…the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Champion.  We will keep you posted on what’s next on the schedule!!

Let the ASF-NC Season Resume!!

Hey Surf fans!! Dust off that contest jersey and your shred sled!  We are back and getting ready to restart the season after a long cold winter of hibernating!!  Be sure to check out the competition page for the latest news on contests.  The updated scheduled has been posted!

BTW….our first contest is scheduled for 2 weeks from now!!! On May 3/4…the site will be determined later, but the Active online registrations is NOW OPEN!! Go there and register online to secure your slot!

Updated 2013-2014 NC ASF Season Schedule!

Here is the updated version of 2013-2014 contest schedule!

Contest sites will be announced soon!

  • Contest #1:  8/31 or 9/1: with VA Chapter and in conjunction with the Hurley Outer Banks Pro at Jennette’s Pier
  • Contest #2:  9/7 : Specialty Contest “Throw Down North of Town” Sponsored by the ASF NC Chapter
  • Contest #3:  5/3 or 5/4
  • Contest #4:  6/7 or 6/8
  • Contest #5:  6/28 or 6/29
  • Contest #6:  7/19 or 7/20


ASF-NC Now on Instagram!

Follow us on instagram!! @ASF_NC.  We will be using instagram for “instant” updates on contests, events, news, etc.  Go check us out and follow ASF_NC!!

ASF-NC Chapter 2012-13 Final Season Rankings

Here are the final standings for the 2012-2013 ASF-NC chaper: ASF-NC Season Rankings

Atlantic Surfing Federation Expands to Florida

The ASF Welcomes Florida Co-Directors Ashley Howell and Chad Carr to the Family of Chapters
Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina – September 6, 2011 – The Atlantic Surfing Federation, a full member organization of Surfing America, the National Governing Body for the sport of surfing in the United States, is pleased to announce that a Florida Chapter has now been established under the Co-Directorship of two highly recognized and involved individuals.  Ashley Howell, from Cocoa Beach, Florida, joins us bringing with her, 18 years of competitive experience, both in and out of the tent.  Long time competitive surfer, Chad Carr, will take her side to bring the ASF’s focus, implement our mission and our program, to the patient athletes of Florida.

The ASF is also very pleased to announce that Brian Broom, of Ormond Beach, Florida, has come on board, holding a voting seat on the Atlantic Surfing Federation’s Board of Directors.  Brian brings over 30 years of expertise in the area of competitive surfing, organizing and orchestrating premier events, upper level coaching and development, and has tremendous knowledge of the surfing industry.  Brian will be an asset to our board, and to the ASF a whole, and we are very excited to welcome him to the ASF family.  Broom will hold the position of Vice-President.

ASF Executive Director, Julie Hume remarked, “The applicant list, and general inquiries to our office with regard to the establishment of a Florida Chapter, was lengthy, and it has taken some time to find those that share our passion and dedication.  The athletes in all areas deserve the best, and the process to achieve that is sometimes slow.  However, providing the best will continue to be our total focus as we progress. The selection of Ashley and Chad was unanimous and we, as well as the athletes of Florida, have a lot to look forward to.  Watch for further announcements soon regarding the Florida Chapter Schedule, as well as our ASF Championship in the fall of 2012.”

Our Florida athletes will now have the opportunity to qualify through the ASF into Surfing America’s Prime Series and USA Championships, as our 2011/2012 competition season just began on August 1st of this year, and will end July 31, 2012.

JULIE HUME QUOTE! ”On behalf of the Atlantic Surfing Federation’s Board of Directors, we are extremely pleased to welcome Ashley Howell, Chad Carr, and Brian Broom to our ASF Family.  We are thrilled to have such dedicated individuals who share our passion, and our focus…One mission, one set of rules, and one National Program.”

ASF Open Division Offering Cash Prize Purse!

The NC Chapter of the ASF has created an OPEN division which is not a Surfing America division.  This division, though not a part of Surfing America’s U.S. Championships, will still be part of the ASF Championships, but is also now offering an opportunity for a cash purse prize.  For Contest #3 this coming weekend, sign up for the contest as you would normally do.  On the day of the contest, for those who want to particpate in the cash purse the contestants would put in an agreed amount of money ($10, $15, $20 etc.).   Any contestant in the Open division that does not want to be part of the cash purse prize can still participate and surf in the division they will just not have the opportunity to win the cash prize if they do not donate to the purse.  This will be a 50/50 pot.  50% goes to ASF and the other 50% goes to the purse.  The top 2 surfers who are participating in the cash purse will then get the cash and can divide the winnings however they choose.  So, get motivated and get out to the next ASF contest and put your money where your surf is!!

Membership News

Since we opened membership registration 2 months ago, we have gotten concerns from you guys about the fees.  Our Executive Director, Julie Hume, has been re-negotiating with Surfing America the online fees and our membership fees.
Here are the new fees:
1st person   $85
2nd person  $65
3rd person   $45
This will be with no fees attached.  What you see here is what you pay!!!!  For those of you who have already joined, you will get a refund of the difference.  We are still waiting on ticket socket to make these corrections, so in the mean time, I will take paper memberships and then I will enter them on the site.
Remember you membership fees are for ASF and Surfing America.  You will get a 20% discount at Pac Sun and you can surf any chapter in the ASF and get points!!!  All memberships are renewable August 1st of every year.  For this season, you got an extra few months!!!